#entry #exit anchors in AEacute

Building AEacute from A with #exit, E with #entry and acutecomb that has also #entry (to construct hungarumlaut) forces the acutecomb to align according to #entry and not the “top” anchor that is desired, see screenshot.

Is there any way to force “top” anchor to take precedence over #entry anchor or perhaps rename those to avoid namespace conflict and retain their behaviour?


I would not build the hungarumlaut like this. But could you send me your file that I can see what I can do?

Hello Georg,
thanks for the quick reply. I know it’s not the ‘official’ way of constructing hungarumlaut, but ideally I’d keep it for efficiency.

I attached a stripped down file below.

Thank you for your time!
attachment-test.zip (4.1 KB)

Those anchors do not improve efficiency unless it’s used multiple times (e.g. building other double-diacritics for Vietnamese). I suggest simply placing two acutecomb components. It’s cumbersome to have to adjust two anchors elsewhere to get the position you want when you can just do it in hungarumlautcomb.

Right, I guess I’ll do it as Tosche suggests–thanks.

Still, if I were to use it on multiple occasions, is there a way to rename #exit #entry anchors?

If not, it might one of those nice to have features for future updates—I can think of several scenarios that would benefit from revised anchor behaviour, e.g. constructing an asterisk of 5-6 rotated components, all aligning to a shared anchor (say “pivot”) would be a tremendous help.

It’s better to use just about anything other than entry and exit. They have a special purpose that’s not for composing diacritics.

For building asterisk the way you describe, I recommend using Mekkablue’s script called “Rotate around anchor”. The principle is the same.