EOT vs. Internet explorer

Hello, I have a problem with the exported EOT and TTF file for a client.

The client told me that EOT and TTF Files are not working in Internet Explorer. They said that they discover that the EOT and TTF files of the web fonts are unfortunately encoded incorrectly and cannot be loaded by Internet Explorer. According to the browser console, an “unknown error” occurs in the EOT files and the error “failed OpenType embedding permission check” occurs in the TTF files. Permission must be installed".
The WOFF/WOFF2 are working correctly, but I have no idea how to correct the problem with EOTF/TTF files.

Does anyone have any idea how to solve this problem?
Thank you very much!

Did you check browser stats for internet explorer? I don’t think you should bother with eot any more.

The “failed OpenType embedding permission check” might be a problem with the fsType setting. Do you have a fsType parameter. Can you check what is set in the not working font?

There is no fsType in the parameter (File > Font Info > Font). Should I add it?