Erratic OffsetCurve Custom parameter on different characters

Hi everyone here ! (Special kiss to @mekkablue and @GeorgSeifert)
It’s been a long… an I’m really glad to come back with a new font project !
And as new font project means new issues, here I am :slight_smile:

I tried to find an answer on the forum but I didn’t, so sorry if this topic has already been treated.

I’m designing a bold font and I wish to generate the Regular style using Custom Parameters.
Among these parameters I use the OffsetCurve filter.
It works fine on some characters, but the result on the others is not > the letters are bolder instead of thinner…

Do you guys know where the problem comes from ?

I would suspect the direction of the paths is responsible. Try Path > Correct Path Direction first.

(If then all of them are changing in the wrong direction, change the value of your offset curve parameter to a negative number.)

YOU ARE AMAZING, @eliason !
3 minutes and you gave me THE answer I needed !