Error export OTF / There are overlapping zones

Hi, when I export OTF instances, Glyph say, for one of them, the Thin one:
“There are overlapping zones”
What does this message means?

Thank you!

In fact for all instances

Then you need to check your Masters > Metrics settings. You can’t have zones that overlap.

THank you Georg, but my Metrics setting are ok and really simple:

I have 3 Masters, all have the same Metrics values

The cap height zone is overlapping with the ascender zone.

Ok, but how to set up values if Uppercase are less higher than ascenders lowercases?


You either do not use PostScript (CFF) exports, or you choose which of the two zones is more important for you and only keep one, or you try one big zone that encompasses both.

Ok I see. Thank you!