Error exporting in feature.fea

I’m getting this error:
" Error: “syntax error at “brevecomb” [features.fea 66” in Feature ccmp in line: 2"

I’m sure it’s something silly. It hadn’t happened before, but only after editing some diacriticals. Any ideas?

Look at ccmp and what comes exactly before brevecomb.

It’s almostequaltoabovecomb. Seems to be an empty glyph.
@CombiningTopAccents = [acutecomb almostequaltoabovecomb brevecomb caroncomb

What happens if you disable export of that glyph and update features?

It has the same error.

Can you send me the .glyphs file?!AigaVgE-Hv71pPZxNT5GBCH0X_RQ0w

Did you try the “Update” button in the Font Info > Features? It fixes the code for me.

That worked! Thanks Georg.