Error: "Lookup type different from previous rules in this lookup block"



that happens if you have contextual and none continual substitutions in one lookup.


Hello, I am poor new user of Glyphs with the same error when trying to export font and I don’t understand scripting.
May you advice me what should I do to fix it and export the font please? Thanks a lot!


Without seeing your feature code it is difficult. Did you read this:


Error: “Lookup flags different from previous rules in this block” in function liga on line: 14
screen here:


I would try putting the parts with different lookup flags in different lookups. And be on the safe side and cancel with lookupflag 0; in the first lookup that does not have a lookup flag.


Yes. You can’t change the lookup flags in the middle of a lookup.


Well, I am close but still don’t know what to edit to do the best result. I found that I may delete whole lookup with liga0 as in screen here:

Hope it will affect only arabian part of font and it is not important for me. But you meant more elegant way I am sure, what should I edit with that lookups?


You can probably simply click on Generate Automatically. Or delete all entries in the sidebar, and click on Update in the bottom left corner.