Error report message

Hi! Could you please add the line number to this error message? Or is there any other way to see it? The macro panel remains empty. I’m updating a script from Glyphs 2 and it’s too long to guess.


Sometimes the traceback is not available. You can add a

    #your code
    import traceback

Are you able to send me that script and the data needed to reproduce that error. Maybe I can find the traceback and the line number.

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Thank you! Yep, found it with traceback. I just thought it would be faster to see it from the app right away. Never mind then, thanks! :slight_smile:

It would indeed be better if it would show the line. So the file still could help me to improve that.

The error was trying to set fewer axes than there currently are; it gives the popup instead of printing when running it from a button:

# run with a font having a few axes
from vanilla import Window, Button
class Test:
	def __init__(self):
		W, H = 100, 100
		self.w = Window((W, H))
		self.w.buttom = Button((10, 10, -10, -10), 'Run', callback =

	def run( self, sender ):
		for master in Font.masters:
			newAxes = master.axes[0:-1]
			master.axes = newAxes