Error when exporting fonts with N'ko kerning Glyphs 3.2

Glyphs 3.2 is unable to export any fonts that have kerning values for N’ko. Upon export, I get the following error. I haven’t had any problems with other scripts. Fonts successfully export with Glyphs 3.1.2.

Here is a font for testing. It has some manually coded kerning values. These export fine. Once I add a single kern pair through the UI I get the error on export.
NotoSansNKoUnjoinedKernTest.glyphs (133.1 KB)


Exports fine for me. Can you send the font that has the kerning pair that produces the error?

I thought I forgot to save the kerning in the font I sent but I am realizing now, that after adding the kerning and saving the font, it disappears after re-opening it. I can’t save the font with the kerning value to send it.

While the font is open though if you take any two letters and add a kerning value and try to export you get the error.

Oh wait nevermind I got it. That file was in Glyphs 2 format, which is why the kerning wasn’t saving. Here is the font again.

NotoSansNKoUnjoinedKernTest.glyphs (108.6 KB)