Error while exporting VF

hello every one
so I’ve got this error while I was trying to export my project.
ttf and otf exports are working properly but it does not export VF.
I really appreciate if you could help me with this.

For that to investigate, I need the .glyphs file. Could you send it to me?

I just sent the file.
I would be so thankful if you could find the problem.
this is the project I have been working on for such a long time and now it is near my releasing time.

So after digging into the problem
I realized by adding
Feature for feature variations
And setting it on rvrn
It seems to export but
Lets say i have the word:
When i drag the scroll into the super
I get this
م‌ ـنـ‌ م

dear George I just realized you released a new update but unfortunately I am experiencing the same error.
did you have any time too look at the file I sent to you?

Could you send me the file again?

just sent it to you

Thanks for the file. I’ll check the export error.

You can’t use rvrn. It is not meant for this. It is applied before anything else and thous breaks all subsequent features. You can use the “rclt” feature until I fix the export with “rlig”.

Thanks for your attention dear Georg.
But I think the error wont go away with rclt or rlig.
I’ve got alternate layers for many glyphs in my project and when i delet those and also the master that uses alternate layers, it exports the VF just fine.

Set the “Feature for Feature Variations” to “rclt” and the font exports and works correctly (in places that support “rclt”).

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WOW. worked wonderfully fine. thank you so so much.