"Error with glyph: space"

Weirdest of errors. There is no issue with the name. When I delete the space, the error is repeated with the ‘exclam’.

What version of Glyphs do you have?
Can you send me the .glyphs file?

running Version 2.4.2 (1057) - what’s a good email?

Can you run the mekkablue script Glyph Names > Check Glyph Names? And report back what it writes in Window > Macro Panel?

Nada. Didn’t open the macro panel. Will check if the script needs updating.

Updated script also doesn’t open Macro panel.

It does not open he macro panel by itself (will add that later), just open it yourself, please: Window > Macro Panel

Hey there!
Having exactly the same problem. Just ran Check Glyph Names script in Macro Panel and didn’t get any answer. I can export the whole set of glyphs without troubles, but as soon as I try exporting just a few selected glyphs (through Instances – Keep Glyphs), I get this weird message. Any developments in the last couple of days that you might be able to share? Thanks a lot!

Can you send me the .glyphs file (send a dropbox link in a DW in the forum).

Between first line Start and last line End, I have a list of all of my non exporting underscored-prefixed glyphs listed as “potentially problematic first character”

I forgot that I also have a KeepGlyphs parameter set as well

Hey there!

I just solved my problem. Inp, maybe this might be helpful for you too?
The key is HOW to select the glyphs that you’d like to export:
First I selected only the glyphs I want to keep in the list of all glyphs. Then, I right clicked, so window in screenshot no.1 appeared. (Everything in German – My apologies). At the very bottom, select “Copy Glyph Names”, then choose the 2nd option from the top (“Zeilenweise” = “in line” or something). That should list you each selected glyph in a separate line, once you paste them in your Instances – Parameter – Keep Glyphs Window. Then export. Everything should be there and no weird error message.

Hope that helps!


This is how the Parameters list should look like, when pasted correctly:

Nice one! That makes total sense :o) Thanks

Cool. Glad I could help.

Thanks, Georg. I think I solved the problem. :slight_smile:

One per line, in English.

Thank you!

I made glyphs automatically break it down into lines.