Error with glyph: uni0009

I am having trouble with exporting my font, it is a existing font where i added ligatures.
Whenever i am trying to export this comes up: Error with glyph: uni0009
But i do not have a glyph called uni0009?

Does somebody know what is wrong?

This is a glyph that might be called ‘tab’ or something like this. You should be able to delete it. Search for the ‘0009’ in the font tab.

I looked at it but i have nothing with 0009 or “tab”?

Can you send me the .glyphs file?

stupid question but how can i send you the file, the glyphs forum wont allow me to upload the file…?

Send it by email to support at this domain.

did you recieve it? (:slight_smile:

You have a glyph called uni000D with the Unicode value 0009. At export time, the name is changed to the production name uni0009.

There are many more problems with the font file. Please read this: