Escape from Crash Report window

Could you please add the ability to close the crash report window with the ESC key?

Reason: when developing plugins and running them, quite often Glyphs crashes and it appears to be some sort of startup hiccup, because no change in the code/system launches Glyphs well, but then about 1 out of 5 times, Glyphs immediately crashes during start (where it didn’t even finish loading).

I have sent some of the reports, but I am not sure if those are helpful.

However: I always have to move the cursor to the “Cancel” button, because I cannot even reach it with the TAB key. When working and testing plugins during a day, those points-and-clicks accumulate incredibly. I just want to get rid of the crash report window with a single keystroke please :slight_smile:

Please make it a key combination like Cmd+x or pressing Esc will open a ‘Are you sure you want to close the crash report? [Cancel] [Close]. I can imagine my blood pressure rising if i want to report the crash but accidentally press Esc. How likely is that? With me, very.

Oh no, please no extra window! That is the entire point: get rid of annoying windows. These windows popping up all the time take so much time over a day, which in the end I’ll have to pass down to the customers, or cannot afford to offer stuff for free.

It is a real nuissance physically and mentally. Of course not if it happens a few times, but for me over a day, holy moly!

How often have you hit ESC currently when the window appeared?

How about a ‘Developer mode’ for Glyphs itself? So if you enable it you can turn things™ off?

Or a cmd+esc (more connotational related to esc)

Sounds resonable, but as far as I remember you can’t combine Escape with modifier keys (or is that only for CLI? Can’t remember)

Esc does work for me.

Or Cmd+W should work too. Or do we speak about a different window?

I can swear ESC did not work, but now it does. I updated to 3227 today, I guess that was not it, but now it works. Sorry for the fuzz :honeybee:

There is a debug mode for this purpose: