EULA to sell a font

As far as I know the text of an EULA is protected by copyright laws and I am not allowed to copy it from the internet. Is there something like an EULA template for selling a font or is it advisable to ask a lawyer? Could anybody here in the forum recommend a lawyer in Germany being well versed with EULAs for fonts?


An Intellectual Property lawyer is the type you are looking for. If you have a Legal Aid Society or other law organization who you can call, they can give you a referral.

I am not a lawyer, but I guess there shouldn’t be much of a problem looking at the EULAs collected on and see what’s commonly used throughout most EULAs, and then stitch together your own.

Your first and biggest challenge is figuring out what you want to permit and disallow in your EULAs. Once you understand that, then it’ll be easier to put together the legal wording. Look at the variety of licenses out there, find the ones you like, and figure out what you want to have in your own and what your customers might like or dislike.

It’s usually a good idea to have a lawyer review or help put together wording for any legal document, even though it’s another expense. There are some common ones, it seems, when looking at samples; if you’re just using MyFonts as a reseller, I think they may have a standard one that you could consider using if you don’t want to come up with your own. (I haven’t gotten through that part of the process, yet; they’re taking a long while to get review team feedback to me.)

I’ve been going through the same thing and am in the middle of locating a lawyer (but in the USA) for a review. But, I’m also selling directly and wanted to come up with my own.

That’s a long way of saying I’d recommend finding a lawyer, but you can probably get away with something common and standard, if you want to take the risk. (Not legal advice.)

I believe that Germany also has type design patent protection as an option to also think about.

Sorry I don’t have any good detail advice. Good luck and figuring it out!

I used this offic to write the Eula for Glyphs:

AFAIR, MyFonts offers a free standard EULA template if you distribute your font through them.

Thanks everybody!