Exclude certain glyphs in the offset preview

Hello everyone,
is it possible to exclude glyphs (here its the _part.dot square) from the offset preview (View > Show Preview Offset)?

I want to preview what “Filter: OffsetCurve;10;10;1;0.5;keep;exclude:_part.dot” does for the output, while drawing the glyph.


Isn’t it working?

hey mekkablue,
it is working for the glyph preview in the bottom. but not in the drawing area. when i switch on “show preview offset” it also thickens the squares. (see screenshot)

The Preview Offset option is for showing what the current drawing will look like if you were to apply the Offset Filter with its current settings.

What you want is an instance preview. Try the Show Interpolations plug-in from Window > Plugin Manager.

Perfekt! Thats it, thank you.