Exclude node from RoundCorner Filter?

Hey there. If any body has any tips on achieving this, it would really helpful!

I’m trying to produce a rounded corner instance from a square-cornered master. I’m currently using a Custom Paramter filter on export to round outside corners with RoundCorner;15;1 and inside corners with a negative RoundCorner;-30;1. The problem is that I would like to exclude specific nodes from being rounded. For example, rather than both inside corners being rounded, I’d like to exclude the inside left node as shown here:

Is it possible to produce that result with filters? Let me know if I can clarify anything. Thanks for the help.

There is no way to avoid this automatically. You can apply some precautions, though I don’t know if that is convenient for you. For example, the filter is only applied to a corner, so maybe you could pre-round the corner but by a very tiny amount that it looks just like a corner (e.g. just 1 unit).

Or you could apply rounding completely differently, using corner component.

Create an overlap. Right click on the node, and pick Open Corner from the context menu.

That will still get rounded on export.

Then put the rounding in a ‘PreFilter’. That is applied before the overlap is removed.

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Aha! Open corners with a PreFilter is perfect! Thanks for the help.