Excluding glyphs on export?


I’ve been trying to search for answers to a question I have, but I think I’m searching for the wrong terms. What I’m hoping to do is export only certain glyphs, so I end up with a bare-bones font with all caps (that also cover lowercase), numbers, and very basic punctuation. Is there a way to exclude a range of glyphs from output? Can it be done with a custom parameter in an instance?


Right click on the glyphs in Font View, or right-click in edit view, and you can activate or deactivate export. Or use the custom parameter “Remove Glyphs”


Thanks! This worked as expected, except for the lowercase. My goal may be unrealistic. I want uppercase to be displayed regardless of whether uppercase or lowercase characters are typed, but I prefer not to actually delete the lowercase glyphs. It seems like it may be easier to duplicate the file and destructively customize it to achieve what I want.


Put components of the uppercase characters into the matching lowercase characters.


I think I am misunderstanding something. If I put uppercase components into the lowercase slots, where would my lowercase characters go? I don’t want to lose them. I just want to turn them off temporarily to create a simplified all-caps font. It seems like maybe what I want to do can’t be done with a single file. I may just duplicate the file and delete the lowercase. If I have read correctly, the uppercase will take over the lowercase automatically.


Then you need an instance with a combination of the Remove Glyphs and Reencode Glyphs parameters.


Thanks. This gives me something to study.


I got this working the way I wanted on my Mac in Illustrator. In case it helps someone trying to do the same thing, I am noting what I did.

  1. Created an instance called “Caps”
  2. Created a “Remove Features” custom parameter for that instance:
  3. Created a “Keep Glyphs” custom parameter and listed every character I wanted to keep. I excluded lowercase. For example:
  4. Created a “Reencode Glyphs” custome parameter to give uppercase glyphs to the lowercase. For example:


I pulled the font into TransType and noticed that the uppercase seems missing. When I open the OTF in Glyphs, there is only the lowercase unicode range. The glyphs are all uppercase. I get expected behavior in Illustrator, but I suspect that won’t be the case everywhere. What is the solution for copying uppercase over lowercase and not losing the uppercase? I want to create an instance that outputs an all-caps font. Is there a way to double encode with a custom parameter?


I have tried to find a solution in various ways: renaming, reencoding, replacing lowercase with alternate caps, changing the order of the parameters. There are multiple ways in which the Mac displays them in Illustrator as I intend, but I keep finding problems when I view the font in other apps


You need to add the Unicode of the upper and lower case in the ‘Reencode’ parameter (separated by a comma).


Thanks. Like this?