Exit an Entry anchors affecting spacing and letter positionning

I use two smart components for n, m, h and u. One for the stem and one for the shoulder. They have exit and entry anchors to allow automatic alignment. The shoulder part has both exit and entry, so it can align on m.

When typing, some of these letters align according to these anchors.

It specially happens with h and u.
When typing multiple u, they stack on top of each other, so you can only see one.

It also happens in other softwares when exported, not only in Glyphs.
Do you have an idea why this is happening ?
Can I fix it somehow, or should I remove the anchors and align components manually?


The entry and exit anchors are used for cursive attachment. For components of a glyph, like in you case, prefix the anchor names with a # sign: #entry and #exit. This makes the components attach correctly inside a glyph but does not cause the glyphs using the components to snap together.

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Ho ok thank you! It works fine now.