Expand the class kerning to straight pairs

Is there a way to change all the class kerning to straight pairs? Assuming that would be unlocking all the kerning so they’re all exceptions—is there a way to do that in one fell swoop?

What are you trying to do? That will potentially produce A LOT pairs.

A friend offered to look at the kerning for me and asked if I could change the kerning to straight pairs. Apparently he is trying to load the font in an old version of FontLab and thinks the class kerning is generating errors. (For myself, I want to keep the class-based kerning but just want to be able to send him a version with the straight pairs if it’s easy to generate). The character set is very small, FWIW.

Add a “Export kern Table” custom parameter in the instances, export the font and send him the resulting .otf file.

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