"Expected script tag" error in locl

The automatically created locl feature results in the error “Expected script tag”.
It works if I uncheck “Generate feature automatically” and change script dflt; to script DFLT;.

What is wrong?
I want to continue using “Generate feature automatically” without hassle.

This has been true for all my fonts as of late. Possibly related to new computer, or Glyphs update.

What version of Glyphs is this?

3.2 (3228)

Screenshot 2024-01-22 at 16.02.29
(Not sure this message makes sense? 3.1.2 is the newest?)

have you disabled “Show cutting edge versions”. You need to 1) redownload the stable version and stay with 3.1.2 or 2) readable that setting to get the latest updates.

Enabling “Show cutting edge versions” worked. Thank you!