Experts Help Regarding _Corner

Hi Experts, If we want to change corners in the font, Is there any else solution than _corner elements ? As it is hard to adjust it for all letters like S, B etc.

Could you post an example of what you would like to achieve and how Corner Components are not working for you?

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Hi Florian, I wanted to do the edges something like this, I read the glyphs forum regarding the corner components and it works perfect for regular and straight forms. Can you help me what should I do when using corner components for Italics and something like this ?

Can you manually draw the edge to show what you like to do?

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Hi Georg, I learnt about corner components from the glyphs file you uploaded in the glyphs forum :)) And those works perfect for most of the letters. I had added these to left and right corner components. I know there’s something I need to know while doing corner components. Can you help ? And also for letter’s like S do I need to make a separate corner components ?

For corners, you just need one diagonal line segment. So delete the first and the last node. And you should only need one _corner glyph.

Bildschirmfoto 2023-05-18 um 08.35.19

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Thank you so much, This is a huge time saver :slight_smile: