Export custom type with nodes and handles visible

I want to export a lettering I made showing the construction lines (anchor points and handles). Maybe the solution would be to transform the nodes and handles into a vector, I don’t know. Thanks for your help!

Into which format do you want to export? As a font or as a PDF vector image?

As a vector image

You can use my Screenshot scripts to create a vector PDF screenshot of the Glyphs window, including paths and nodes.

Install the scripts from WindowPlugin ManagerScripts, search for “Florian Pircher”, and click Install. Then, go to the Scripts menu, hold down the Option key, and click Reload Scripts.

Now you can open the Scripts menu again and go to Florian PircherScreenshotCapture Window to PDF. A vector PDF file of the current window will be created on your desktop.

thank you !!!

I should have mentioned: You can also print the current Edit View to PDF with FilePrint and then click on the arrow on this button to save to PDF:

Bildschirm­foto 2023-02-08 um 15.41.57

Using the screenshot method has the benefit that you get exactly what you are seeing, including selected nodes, etc. This print method has the benefit that you can show the nodes for all glyphs, not just the currently active one.

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One more option would be the wonderful Presenter plugin by Mark Frömberg. You can find a trial version in the plugin manager. It gives you a lot more control about the appearance of nodes and handles.

Thank you so much, love this plugin :))