Export EPS plugin bug?

Hi I’m trying to use @mekkablue 's Export EPS and is not working, I choose the folder, hit the Open button, and nothing happens… Am I doing something wrong?

Do you get anything in the macro panel?


Can you point me to that script?

I didn’t understand what you are asking… =/

Can you post a link to the script/plugin you are using?

I downloaded via plug-in manager. (by the way, M1, Ventura 13.0.1, G 3.1.2 (3149) )

I’ll have a look next week.

Update: Works for me. Did you have anything selected?

I tried selecting the glyph from the glyph panel or the glyph opened at the editing window, didn’t worked in both ways. How I supposed to do? (I also tried to remove and reinstall via plugin manager)

It depends on which checkboxes you have selected. Perhaps we can fix your issues in person next week?

Yep, that would be nice! =D

By the way, solved, the problem was I had not set properly the export instances.

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