Export error after group kerning

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So I’m quite a newbie. Creating my first font for almost 2 years now s a hobby. I got a little crazy with kerning pairs. Created over 15K kerning pairs. Way too much, off course. I ran into the export error: Coverage offset overflow (0x1004c) in pair positioning.

I get this error when I go over 15868 kerning pairs in Glyphs 1.4.4.

So I decided to start using group kerning! That reduced the kerning pairs quite rapidly! Just testing to export the font with the still massive amount of approximately 14K pairs. Under the amount of the magic number of 15868 pairs, right. So it should work, I thought But no go.

In Glyphs 1.4.4 I get the following error: GPOS feature ‘kern’ causes overflow of offset to a subtable (0x2796e)

In Glyphs 2.0 beta I get this error: Coverage offset overflow (0x18f80) in pair positioning.

How to proceed? I tried reducing the amount of (group) kerning pairs to around 6K, and finally it exports nicely.

My question: why is there a difference between the amount of possible pairs with and without group kerning?



The problem is that your Kerning information gets compiled into a binary OpenType table called GPOS (glyph positioning). And each table cannot be larger than 64k (hex FFFF). Especially group to single and single to group kerning are problematic because they get translated to many single to single pairs, and will thus often increase the size of the table beyond its limit. Group to group and single to single are usually not much of a problem.

Hi, but how to find the exact pair problem? Here is my problem: makeotfGlyphs [FATAL] Coverage offset overflow (0x1e302) in pair positioning What means 0x1e302? Thanks lot

It has happend after I need to click on Compress in Kerning table. Thanks for advise.

This is so far beyond oxffff that I assume that you have a lot of kerning, too much to be compiled into a GPOS table. How many kerning pairs do you have? Look under Window > Kerning.

Weird, 1712 pairs, what is the limit? But in other version I have 2863 Pairs and it exports without problem till I press Compress in Kerning.

It is more complex than just the mere number. It also depends on the size of your kerning groups and the number of exceptions. Exception-to-class and class-to-exception kerning pairs can blow up your GPOS table. And interpolated kerning always has way more exceptions.

Perhaps you can try and:

  • get rid of unnecessary kern pairs:
    • there are scripts for deleting small kerning pairs
    • see if rare symbols like lozenge are kerned with bullet or the like
  • take some glyphs out of groups, e.g. ldot does not need a right kerning group
  • delete exceptions where possible

Thank you very much for your time. I will try what you wrote.

I am encountering a similar problem in the current version of Glyphs 2.4.1 (942). When exporting the same fonts from the same file in an older version of Glyphs – 2.3 (895) in my case – the fonts are generated just fine.

Do you have interscript kerning pairs with exceptions in the font?

That is possible, but why did it work before and does not anymore now?

There was a change in the way interscript kerning exceptions are resolved, which fixed a problem where certain kerning exceptions would not be accessible. Depending on the structure of your groups and the number of exceptions, it can also lead to a larger GPOS table, though.

You can export with both v.895 and the current version, and compare or diff the features.fea in the Temp folder to see what changed exactly.

Try Use Extension Kerning or separate kernings by script. Toshi has scripts in his repo for the latter.

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Thanks for the pointers, I will have a look and report back.

I could not resolve my problem. But I noticed that if I press in Kerning table Compress in any font, doesn’t matter which one, report and problem will arised everytime. Seems to me it problem with new version, maybe the change of interscript kerning resolved something, but make problem on the other side :confused:

Could you send me one of the files (to support at this domain)?

had a similar error while exporting (Coverage offset overflow (0x120ea) in pair positioning
) today with glyphs version Version 2.4 (939) today. Tried to export the same font with version Version 2.3 (895) and exported the font without a problem. hope that helps.

i have the same problem with glyphs2.4.(939). is there any solution in sight?
“Coverage offset overflow (0x10942) in pair positioning”

Have you tried the latest cutting edge version?

The overflow issue most likly comes from to much kerning (or to many exeptions).