Export Failure: PostScript Source font

Hey! I am working on an extremely path-heavy grunge font for a client. I had added a lot of additional characters when my laptop crashed and the work of two hours was gone. I had exported an otf-file though. I then opened the otf file in glyphs so I wouldn’t have to redo all the pasting and path correction work again. I continued to work on everything (deleted the user parameters) in this file. It seems to me that I was an idiot for doing so because now Glyphs gives me this whenever I try to export an otf with features (ttf works but this font has some contextual alternates and ligatures and stuff). What can I do? Do I have to rebuild the whole file from scratch?

This error can come from to long char strings, meaning the length of the postscript code makes up the glyphs. I’m not sure why you could export it before. Could you send me the .otf and the file you try to export. And why didn’t the autosave kick in and restore the file? Didn’t you ever save the .glyphs file?

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Yes I had saved it before. But it was somehow lost. I can send you the Glyphs-file. I also have to correct myself. I had exported a .ttf file, not an .otf. What adress do I send it to? Thanks a lot in advance!

You can send it by DM in this forum.

You have read this, I assume?

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Yes, I’ve read it and followed some of it. I’ve tidied up every single glyph, have switched off hinting and so on. It still didn’t work.

Somehow I can’t write DMs. I have registered into this forum 4 hours ago and seem to have limited functionality.

Makes sense. I changed your forum status, and you should be able to send DMs now.

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  1. The font has 8051 stem hints. Run the mekkablue script Hinting > Delete All Hints in Font.
  2. The curve segments are tiny. Consider retracting handles and turning them into straight line segments. There is a plug-in called Retractor that does just that, find it in Window > Plugin Manager.

I could export the font after (1) already.

WOW! Thanks a lot. That was really helpful. I’ll try it a.s.a.p.!

Okay that worked. Thanks a lot again! How can I give something back?

Let’s have beers :beers: when we meet one day. :slight_smile:

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That sounds lovely!

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