Export is acting up (I think)

I’ve been working on this font for a client and for some reason when I export it seems to confuse X-height with Cap height. Or rather the Ascender.

This makes the font stick its head above the text field when testing it in Illustrator. In Glyphs, it looks fine, with plenty of space between cap height and ascender, but when exported it seems to put the X-height as the height of the type, and not the ascender. I have no idea why, it has never happened to me before.

I have an up-to-date version (3.0.2)

Did you set all the vertical metrics right?
There’s a tutorial for that on this page :slight_smile:

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I mean, I think so. I’ve checked, but I guess there’s no loss in doing it again.

Illustrator calculates the first baseline by the height of the shape in the letter “d”. You might need to put a tiny shape at the ascender height in the “d”.

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Can you show a screenshot? And make sure it contains the lowercase d.

Thanks! I’ll try this (and go through everything again).

This forum is fire. Thanks all, Much appreciated.

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