Export Korean fonts

While testing font export, I found that unicode mapping was wrong when I set the Korean font to ROS Adobe-KR-9 on Glyphs3 and exported it. I remember that I didn’t have this problem in the early days of Glyphs3.
Glyphs2 does not detect the problem.
Should the Character Collection be exactly the same as Adobe-KR-9?

Export to Glyphs2

Export to Glyphs3

Here are the glyphs and font files I tested.
G2 : Export to Glyphs2
G3 : Export to Glyphs3

Thanks for the files. I fixed it.

I still have the same problem.
Do I have to update it later?

Yes. There will be an update.

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The problem has been solved well, thank you. :slight_smile:
But now, when I export OTF to Adobe-KR-9, the color font looks black. When I export TTF or ROS to Adobe-Identity-0, the color font works well.

I am using version Glyphs 3.2(3249)

Can you send me a sample font that I can reproduce this?

This is a sample file.