Export problems kerning

Dear all,
I got a export problem in glyph:

  • The exporting is working fine
  • I’ll instal the font in the fontexplorer x pro
  • the fontexplorer dont’t show me the kernign in the priview feld
  • The fontexplorer just shows me the kerning at font-infos category kerning
  • In InDesign 5.5 I can see my kerning
  • In Mac Textedit I coldent see it
  • In Mac Word I couldent see the kerning

I use to work befor in fontlab 5 and my computer never had such problems. I delet often my fontcach (in fontexplorer x pro, and with the programm chache out X). I’ll restart my computer.
I optened the otf file in fontlab and reexport it as otf ps; with that it works normal…

Does everyone had the same porblem with the exportation?

Thanks for helping,

Mac 10.6.8, Glyphs Version 1.4.3 (584)

do you have any other OpenType feature in your font?

Hi Georg,
No, I don’t have OpenType features.
I gues Kerning Goups does not count as a open type feature…

Do you ever hear about that problem?

Some apps do not apply kerning if there are not GSUB features. So try the circular button in the features tab of the font info. Maybe it will already add a feature. If not, add e.g. any ligature.

…yes, now it works in every programm.

Thanks a lot!