Export subset from unicodes

Hi all –

I’ve got some CJK data from a client and I need to prep some subsetted TTFs for them. The CJK files have not been named according to Glyphs’ “nice names,” so subsetting before export is proving to be more of a chore than I had expected. Why can’t I create a filter list of Unicode values? Using the “Update Glyph Info” option in the Glyph menu is a sure-fire way to get Glyphs to crash if you use it on a large number of glyphs.

(Alternate solution: if there’s a better way to get Glyphs to rename glyphs to names it’s happy with, then that’s something.)

Thanks –

Can you send me the font that crashes glyphs with ‘update glyph info’. And what version do you have.

And you can make a list that can be used in the export parameter by selecting the glyphs and choose copy names from the context menu.

I’d love to send it to you, but NDA. [shrugs] I suspect it has a lot to do with the file being CJK and the sheer number of glyphs in it.

Okay, that makes sense, but when you have ~3300 glyphs… Easier said then done.

So, I suppose, as a suggestion, a client is far more likely to deliver a desired glyph list in unicodes (than Glyphs’ names), so it’d be great if we could just drop that into the filter list function for export purposes.

Danke Georg…

A list of Unicode helps you only as long as you have only encoded glyphs. And there are the system services that can convert between different names. https://www.glyphsapp.com/tutorials/system-services That doesn’t help if the font has none standard names, thou.

Btw. What names does the font have?

Yes, true. I’ve made use of the system services before – they are quite handy – but, in this case, the font’s names are glyph IDs. Real useful. :confused:

Can you disable “keep glyph names from imported files” in preferences and open the original font again. It should convert the names.

Ah, that looks like it will do it. Thanks Georg!