Export variable font

Perhaps a stupid question…but why the variable export local window let me export woff and woff2 variable font files ?


Why not?

But these font files are really variable fonts ?

Yes, just compressed as webfonts.

And can I use these fonts to display the fonts on a web page ?

Yes, just like with static webfonts.

Thansk for these speedy,speedy replies. I can’t find much on the subject of using variables in woff 2. It’s a beta format If you have more info on the subject, I’d love to know more.


The “woff” files are just compressed versions of the same font. Similar to a .zip file that the browser recognizes and decompresses it automatically. So .woff == .ttf + compression.

You an use a .ttf or .woff the same way in websites, regardless if the are variable or not.

Thanks Georges…things are more clear now !