Export VF without all the axes

Hello, I am working on a variable font with 3 axes (weight, width and roundness-all with values ranging from 100 to 900). For each axis I have drawn the two extreme masters.

At the end of the project I would like to be able to export several variable fonts from it. In addition to a complete font with the 3 axes, I would like to export other variable fonts with only one axis (weight).

On Glyphs 3 it is possible to hide the axes, but is it possible to set the value of the other two axes without exporting them?

For example, from the file I would like to export a variable font with only one axis (hiding the other two), but with the other two axes set to values of 200 and 300.

At the moment it is possible to hide them but you have to keep the value of one of the masters drawn, and since I have only drawn the extremes I could only export them with a value of 100 or 900.

A solution would be to export the OTFs and derive the variable file by creating a new file, but it would be a lot of work to do.

Someone have any advice??

Thanks a lot!

Hi, this is a very difficult subject. You have some options:

  1. Use the Disable Masters parameter for a variable font setting in order to remove masters. The masters that remain will consitute the new variable font.

  2. Use my (extremely unstable) script to create a Glyphs file for the new axis range https://github.com/eweracs/glyphs-scripts/blob/master/Font%20Management/CreateVariableSubsetFiles.py

  3. Use Slice: https://slice-gui.netlify.app/. It is no longer in development, by the looks of it, your results will vary.

Great thanks!
I tried Slice but I found a lot of problem with diacritics and component.

Your script works pretty good, I can easily avoid the special layers problems, so I think that’s the best solution for me! I quickly tested it and saw no other problems so far. Are there any other aspects I should pay attention to?

Thanks a lot for the help!