Export Webfonts from a Project

I really love the new feature in Glyphs 2.2. that you can save projects! Fantastic idea. But somehow I can only export OTF. When I add the parameter “Webfont Formats” it even wouldn’t export anything. How can I export other formats, especially webfonts?

Add a custom parameter “Webfont Formats” and add “woff”, “woff2” and/or “eot”.

ah, I used upper case (WOFF, EOT), thats why it didn’t work. Thanks!

Good point. I adjust it to allow both.

I couldn’t quite do it from the latest version of Glyphs (cutting edge version). Should I mark to export as .TTF?

nevermind, got it. Selected webfont formats - one type of format per LINE and voilá

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