Exported Arabic presentation forms name is not as same as unicode table

After I exported Arabic fonts, I found the presentation form’s name using unicode+fina, init & medi. The production name of these glyphs has to be changed manually one by one. Could you provide an option to make this process easier?

Are you really sure you need that? The names are used to restore the underline characters in some PDF work flows. And in those cases, the base unicode + suffix is actually better. I don’t know any other requirement for names. And I don’t even know why you would need the presentation form codes in the first place.

Hi. I agree with your idea and I also think this naming is a good idea. However, this naming issue is a requirement from my client. And it seems they are not likely to compromise on this point.
Is it possible to make another export option?

You can set the production names in the .glyphs file. In Font view, select a glyph and press Cmd+Option+i. In that dialog, you can edit the production name. Or you can write a script to do this.

Or a custom GlyphData.xml.

Out of curiosity, what is the reasoning of the client? Presentation form unicodes will likely break more than be useful.

There are two reasons for using the Presentation form Unicode.

  • My client has an ideal font and wishes me to aim at it. That font is using presentation form Unicode so they also require me to use that.
  • They also provide a character set table. They only put the presentation form Unicode on that table. They said they need to use that Unicode to make sure that my typeface has met their required character set.

So you need the codes, not the names?

Both points are no reason to add the codes. Just because it has been done like this before is not a reason when the technical environment has changed.

And there are other ways to ensure a glyph set. Glyph names are much more useful as there are glyphs that you might need that don’t have a code at all.

I need the production name of the presentation form the same as they are shown in the Unicode table.

During my communication with them, I found a lack of type professionals in their design team. Therefore, they need to use this to check if I have completed the job.


You can convert their list of glyphs names to the newer ones with the system services: System Services | Glyphs