Exported file size has doubled when updating old file

Per a request I have had to add two component glyphs (the Dutch IJ acute… I updated the locl feature automatically as the tutorial describes) to a font I created in 2017 with an older version of Glyphs. I just exported the updated font that I updated with Glyphs v 1141 and the .otf is over twice the file size compared to the original. I can’t figure out why though.

It’s a hand drawn font and the .otf size has gone from 132 KB to 337 KB.

The only differences between the two files are that I’ve updated the version number for the font itself and upon export I did not select “autohint” because it’s hand drawn (I believe I may have had autohint on in the past when I first created the old version).

Any ideas?


Have you read this?

Can you send me both .otf and the .glyphs?

@mekkablue thanks, in the past I have read it, but I can’t recall how much I implemented when I created this originally in 2017. Didn’t make any notable changes (that I’m aware of) to settings/options to the file when I updated and exported the new version.

@GeorgSeifert yes, will send them over now.


I had a look at your file. That seems to be a specific problem with version 2.5.1. If you use 2.6, the file is even a bit smaller. I don’t know what change caused this, yet.

Ok, thanks for checking it out and the update Georg. Haven’t tried exporting with 2.6 yet, but good to hear it brings the file size back more in line.