Exported UFO are empty

When I export a UFO and try to open it again in Glyphs all the glyphs are missing and named (null) followed by a number. Why is this?

Can you send me the .glyphs and the .ufo file? Then you might be able to tell you.

@Georg Seifert: hallo georg, ich habe genau das selbe problem: exportierte UFOs sind leer… kannst du mir sagen, woran das liegt?


What Glyphs version do you have? There was a problem if you have to many alignment zones.

i have glyphs 1.3.17

6 alignment zones:
756 10
674 10
534 10
514 10
0 -10
-223 -10

can you send me the .glyphs file or try in 1.3.19 beta?

Georg Seifert
in your inbox…

@danielperraudin Thanks for the files that helped to find the problem.

Good morning @GeorgSeifert, do you remember what was the solution for this issue?

If you have the same problem now its is for sure a different problem. I think I need to look at your file.