Exporting cyrillic font

Hi there!

I recently bought the Glyphs apps. I’m quite happy with my decisions so far. But I do have some problems. Usually I use Glyphs to change some letters in Cyrillic fonts since there’s a slight difference between Russian, Bulgarian and Serbian letters.

So basically I do minor changes and export it again. Unfortunately this time it doesn’t work. I don’t know what it means. I’m sending you a screenshot of the pop up window. UNI0402 is the uppercase letter Ђ. I haven’t changed this one.

How can I solve the problem?


Check the feature code of the calt feature. Sometimes the problem is just before token in the error message.

Hi Georg,

thanks for your reply. Unfortunately, I don’t clearly understand what to do, since I’m quite new with using the application. I did finde the calt feature. But how do I recognise an error?

The Feature code is in Font Info (Cmd+I) > Features.

I understand. I found that section already. but what to do?! I have no clue? How to finde the error? There’s nothing marked.

I’m sorry for having this very dull questions. But since I haven’t used Glyphs before and I am not familiar with the features at all, I would appreciate if you could shortly tell me what to do exactly.

– What is the error?
– What would be the code to fix this problem?

All best

Your OT Feature code is probably referencing a glyph that does not exist. And it does that for the first time just before the place the error message is indicating.

You opened an existing font, correct? Please read this first:

In your case I suggest:

  • Disable File > Font Info > Other Settings > Custom Naming
  • In Font View (Cmd-Opt-1), select all glyphs and choose Glyph > Update Glyph Info (fixes names and Unicode values)
  • In File > Font Info > Features, delete all OT feature code (click in the sidebar, press Cmd-A and delete.
  • In the same window, click on the Update button.

Thank you very much! I could solve the problem!!! :smiley:

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