Exporting Error - kern_latn

Hello, when I try to export my font, I get error messages (attaching screen shot). But when I click “show” there is nothing in the line it mentions? I tried removing that line and it sends me to other places in the “features” section with the same type of error and there is nothing on the line it metnions.

This is my first font, so please help! Thank you!!

What version of Glyphs do you use?

Hello, I have this version: 3.02 (3058), so I think this is the problem. I ended up finding another post where you said 3.02 (3061) fixed the issue. However I have restarted glyphs and also done “check for updates” via the glyphs menu, but this is the only version that continues to show up. What do you recommend doing to get the 3061 update? Thanks so much for your help.

You need to set ‘show cutting edge versions’ in preferences > updates.

This worked and there are no more exporting issues. Thank you so much!