Exporting Font to non-Apple Software Question

I’m new at creating fonts although familiar with working with other kinds of music and visual software. In the past week I’ve managed to create a font in Glyphs (the full version in trial), export it, and add it to Apple’s Fontbook. I find the font works only in Apple products I have (Pages and Motion), but not in Affinity or Microsoft products in my Mac (with latest OS). Is there a way to get my font added to the font lists to be used in these non-Apple products? With thanks in advance!

By adding the font to FontBook, it should be available in all apps. Some apps do their own validation and don’t show them when that fails.
For Word, one common issue is that the font doesn’t have all characters for the windows 1252 code page.

Thanks, Georg! Looks like I need to figure out the windows 1252 code page. But it’s good to know that once I get things set up right, my font in Fontbook should work in all applications and not just the Apple ones.
With best wishes, Greg

There is a Windows 1252 entry in the font view sidebar. Right click it and select all entries from the popup.

Ah, I see it! Thanks again Georg! I really appreciate your help. This gets me going on the right track.
With best wishes,