Exporting font with two instances results in 2 seperated fonts

Hey there,

I think I have an mistake of thinking by setting up my Master and Instance in my font.

I have two masters and i created from them two instances by “instance for each master”. Setting up Style name, Instance name and Family name which is defined 2 times (Font Into tab and instanced tab).

Font Info:



The export results in a font which has the family name also included the instance name, so my two instanced are not the same family. Seeing this e.g. on FontForge it shows the Family Name as “TeleIcon Outline” and the second file “TeleIcon Solid”. So the result is not as intended.

I’m very confused. Hope somebody can help :slight_smile:

I would remove most of the extra font info settings (Familien-Name in Schrift, and Familien-Name and Full Name in instances). Those values are the same as what Glyphs would generate and the localization is the same in English and German.

There are several different ways how to build families in different apps. Most Windows and Microsoft Office apps can only have “Regular, Bold, Italic, BoldItalic” family members. In those apps your font will always be two families.

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Hey Georg,

that makes sense, absolutely. Thank you very much!

Do Word refer to the Font details about the “weight” value you define or do Word refer to the Name of the font itself? (or both?) So improving the behaviour with names like “Regular” and “Bold” and do not name it “Solid” or “Outline” - so MS Word can interperate the font better.

I will check this soon


tested the workaround above. But Glyphs 3 shows an error if try to export an font without family name. If the instances have no family name you get the following error:

What version of Glyphs do you have?

I’m using 3.0.2 (3058)

Can you try the latest cutting edge version?