Exporting fonts from hand painted jpg?

Hello i’ve used glyphs before but always copying vectors from illsutrator. This time I had a hand painted font and have dropped GLYPH > ADD IMAGE into each of the character spaces. I can see they are there. But nothing exports.

Here’s a screenshot of my window.

Any help/advice greatly appreciate on this

The image is just a template; you still have to draw or autotrace the characters.

Thanks george how does one auto trace?

I don’t know if Glyphs or a Glyphs plugin will do it because I always draw mine. You would have to do it in Illustrator then bring the paths into Glyphs. I only mentioned it because it can be done; I don’t recommend it.

ok thanks for the advice george

There is a Trace Image plug-in available in Window > Plugin Manager.

Thanks Mekkablue I’m guessing as using glyphs mini, this isn’t infact possible

True, overlooked that it was a Mini screenshot.

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