Exporting monoline typeface


I’ve been trying to export my monoline typeface but an error keeps occurring. I have followed the instructions on How to Make a Monoline Font. https://glyphsapp.com/tutorials/monoline. but it doesn’t seem to be working.

It works on show preview offset though.

Another concern I have is with installing noodler. Plugin manager asks me to install lines tools. I am not sure if I should be click on all the links that appear. I have attached another screen shot of what shows up.


Installing git: download the binary installer and run it.

The error you encounter is related to your two-master setup, not to the steps described in the monoline tutorial. If you plan to interpolate, you need to keep Masters compatible for interpolation. Please read through the Multiple Masters tutorials.

Or if you were not planning to interpolate, consider getting rid of the second master in File -> Font Info > Masters, and/or adjusting your instances in the Instances tab of the same window.