Exporting of icon font from glyphs mini

Hi All I am new to glyphs mini and I just created my first icon font today using png images from adobe photoshop as the forums instruct. I have went through what I think are all the steps, however every time I try to export the file ends up blank. I am wondering what steps I must go through to get the program to recognise these pngs. Should I use Glyphs 3 instead?

I have attached a few photos below… thanks in advance for the help!!!

You found the other thread that explains the problem.

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Hi Georg- Yes I did! And it’s amazing and working. I only have one question now just for curiosity sake. In the icolor layer, what does the pixel size reference? I am putting in a 500px x 500px png but it only looks the correct size when I set that layer pixel size to be 835. Why would this be?

Thanks in advance- and also thanks for this amazing application!!