Exporting OTF font families creates issues

I have 3 files, for 3 styles of one family, and the first style has multiple weights. Exporting them with the same name does not work properly. Indesign has started listing them as name (OTF) and sometimes name (OTF) (Arabic) and it often does not recognize them as one font, with different styles. This means find and replace no longer works, style linking across files does not work (Reg to Bold does, but Italic does not), and it is difficult to manually pick the fonts, because Indesign sometimes lists the two secondary styles, and sometimes the weights, but never all of them.
I did not consciously change any settings in the files, and the names are identical. What do I need to change to fix this?
Thanks for your help!

PS: The screen shots show different names – but this is due to Indesign varying when it shows what, and the different times I took the screenshots. I have exported them with identical names!

This happens if there is both a TT and a CFF version of the font installed.

Are you using the Adobe Fonts folder?

Hi, yes, I am using the Adobe Font folder. And I have emptied it, and exported again, with a new name – and only OTFs. The problem persists. It lists the first style with its weight within the list of Latin fonts, and the other two styles within the list of Arabic fonts now (and calls them accordingly “name (OTF)” and “name (OTF) (Arabic)”). All 3 styles contain Arabic and Latin, though (albeit not completely identical character sets). We checked the set ups, the font files seem to be okay. But it still means, I cannot use them/access them properly in Indesign.

That is it, then. Adobe apps try to be smart for guessing where to put a font. And it is mainly character set heuristics.

Okay, so Indesign is trying to “outsmart” the font family…
Thanks for the feedback, though! :slight_smile: