Exporting Problems in glyphs

Im very new to Glyphs and when exporting my font everything worked out perfectly except the serif options. Its a font with 6 different styles or “instances.” When I begin to test inside Illustrator or Photoshop I’m getting a rather large box around my text Is there any way to fix this? I feel like its an exporting problem or info problem I’m just not sure what could be happening.


Also, when I export the serif styles versus the regular the .otf files look like this.

Im thinking it has to be an export problem but I’m not sure why this could be happening. Thanks for any advice/help in advance! My ascender, cap-height, x-height and descender is the same for each different style or instance.

Perhaps there is a stray point or line? I believe the box is calculated from the font bounding box. Find the highest and lowest glyphs with scripts from these repositories:

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Cant find anything on my end, and I also have no idea how to install the scripts. Its not like the font is moving up off the Baseline, its just the box around the font is really long? I didn’t make a text box in illustrator either, Do you know how to find the font bounding box height inside glyphs app?

That is written in the readme. There is also a section in the back of the handbook about it. You will either want Test > Report Highest/Lowest Glyph from the mekkablue scripts, or Helper > Find Extreme Points from the schriftgestalt scripts.

In most cases, that is due to a path that is very far off, resulting in a weird Font BBox.

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I figured out how to use the scripts on you linked me to!! I’m pasting all of my letters over from illustrator and somehow i managed to paste one in the wrong place, thus creating a huge bounding box. But I figured it out, thank you so much for all of you help!!