Exporting to Application Support > Adobe > Fonts doesn't work

Hi all, I’ve been having problems with my file. For the purpose of me explaining it properly we will call my ‘Fonts’ folders: A folder (old) and B folder (new).

I’ve had my (A) Fonts folder (from Application Support > Adobe > ‘Fonts’) pinned to my Finder favorites on my sidebar. Earlier today I exported my file to Application Support > Adobe > Fonts. It worked for Adobe Illustrator but it did not work for Adobe InDesign. So I tinkered with it a bit and found out that there is another ‘Fonts’ folder in my Application Support > Adobe that doesn’t have any of the files that I exported. Meaning that my (A) Fonts folder is not the current ‘Fonts’ folder in it. It is also very weird that my (A) folder is NOT showing up in Application Support > Adobe even if the file path on my export in Glyph says Library > Application Support > Adobe > Fonts. I deleted the empty folder in Application Support > Adobe and replaced it with a new folder which I also renamed “Fonts” (B). I was stupid to think that unpinning my (A) folder from my favorites would be a wise idea. However even if I export my file to the new “Fonts” folder (B) it is not updating on my Adobe Apps. I think it is still exporting to the old folder (A) because all my newer design exports do not appear on the current/new “Fonts” (B) folder that I created. I did not delete the (A) folder I’m sure it is still here but I could not find it because they both have the same folder name.

I also uninstalled and reinstalled my adobe apps even the Adobe folder on my Application Support but it did not fix it.

  • Is there a way for me to get my old (A) folder back (pretty sure it is still here somewhere as I did not delete it, I just unpinned it from my Finder sidebar)
  • Or a way to clear it all and start with a new “Fonts” folder?

I would really appreciate any help as I’ve been tinkering with it the whole evening and could not find my old folder.

Thanks so much!

There is an Application Support in the main Library and one in the Library in your user folder. I have much better success with the one in the main Library.

Thanks Georg! Found the original ‘Fonts’ folder! You were right it was in the main Library!