Exporting Variable Font - Problem

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to export a Variable font, but I get this message:

There was a problem writing the file
Subtable Overflow: tableType: OTGPOS LookupIndex: 2 SubTableIndex: 0 ItemName: lookupList ItemIndex: 0

The font exports with no problems as OTF. MM setup has 6 masters. Where should I look for the solution?

Exporting as variable font add a bit to the GPOS. So that might push it over the limit. The only thing I can advice is to remove some kerning.

I could try and remove all kerning smaller than 6 units.

Or perhaps try the Use Extension Kerning Parameter in Font Info > Font.

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Thanks @mekkablue, this works! Is there a downside to using this parameter?

AFAIK it should be working in most apps/systems, now.

But it means that your font has at least 64kB of GPOS and that might be bad for webfonts.

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I’ve just switched a font project from G2 to G3.
On G3, I get the message " Probelm compiling “GPOS” table
Subtable Overflow in lookup: 2"
But not on G2. Any idea why? (Didn’t edited my font nor any kerning and just exporting an OTF, not a variable font).

Can you send me that file?

sent. You’ll find also other emails with other issues. Thanks