Extra space between paired glyphs

I am a newbie in glyphs and was trying to add some diacritics to this font. As you can see the font has some alternative forms with some letters. When I exported the document as TrueType the single letters changed and are working fine but the thing I need help with is the “alternative merged” letters with diacritics. These letters don’t work and when I tried to delete the original “merged glyphs” the app showed an “unknown glyph” error.

Sorry if I don’t use the right words and hope you will understand what I am trying to say.


You can use mark position for the ligatures. That saves you from most of the combinations.

That means you add “top_1”, “top_2” and so on, above each base glyph.

Contextual alternates are a better solution for this design problem than building an endless number of ligatures.