Extracting a showing of all the glyphs in a font for web display

Is there an easy automated way to extract every character in a font for an “all characters” web showing?Everything in the font, including ligatures without Unicode names? Thanks.

That depends on what you want to extract for each glyph.

The glyphs name, width, height, bitmap image, vector image, Unicode values, …

Here’s a tool that offers some options:

Sample output:

Thanks for the reply, Florian. I just need the actual characters.

Thanks, Norbert, I’ll check that out.

To be clear - this is for a website, so needs to work in that context.
A visual of everything in the font - A-Z, a-z, everything, including ligatures and glyphs without Unicode values. Thanks.

You can use FilterGlyph as Image to export glyphs as SVG, although a webfont would be significantly smaller in file size.

Thanks, Florian - what I’m after is a way to do this on a website, though, so taking the font file and showing all the characters within it (not exporting them from Glyphs.)

So you want to work with the exported OTF/TTF file, not the .glyphs file?

Are you talking about doing this on the server side (PHP, Go, Node, …) or on the client side (JavaScript)?

Yes, the OTF/WOFF. And on the website level, not at the font level.

If you want to do it on the client side, you might try opentype.js.

Thanks, I’ll pass that on and hope that does the trick!

There is also Wakamai Fondue by Roel Nieskens:

You can use a script to add a PUA unicode to any non-encoded glyph and render that with html entities/unicode hex codes.