Extreme bugginess and slowness in app

Hi, love the app and use it quite a bit but I have noticed that there are quite a few bugs that have gotten way worse lately. Switching from font into to masters takes around 4 seconds, compared to before when it was instant. Changing different properties often crashes the app. Text preview does not work, and when previewing variable fonts, the app crashes.

These have gotten significantly worse over the last month.

Can you send me that file and describe specifically what tasks you mentioned above?

What version of the app and MacOS do you have. What plugins do you use?

Thanks for the super reply btw !! and sure.

macOS: Montery v12.3.1

Im just using Mekkablue’s scripts.

As for files, it happens to any file that I create or open in glyphs. Im also running the latest glyphs version + python 3.9.1 (glyphs)

My first thought was that it might be a python problem but that doesn’t seem right

Seems to be 100% likely it will crash when I open existing ttf files to change things in the font info like deleting a field, etc.

  • Latest cutting edge version?
  • No plugins installed? No filters or View menu plugins?
  • Why do you open compiled TTFs? Why not work with the original .glyphs files?

so I removed your scripts and re added them and the issue seems to be fixed. I was opening a ttf cause the ascender was incorrectly set so I was just checking to see if that was the case. And nope no filters or plugins beyond the scripts

Can you send me the .ttf file?