Fake Bold text printing unbold - MS Word

Hello everyone

I have an issue with my OTF fonts ( with MS word 2016- windows 10). When I use fake bold settings ( bold B button not bold weight ) on some text appears bold in print preview, but when actually print , bold text does not print in bold!

bold text printed perfectly when I use TTF fonts.

Any suggestions would be enormously appreciated.

I do not understand. Does your font family have a bold or not?

CFF-based OTFs are not as well supported in Windows as TTFs.

The B button is not necessarily for faux bold, but for triggering the style-linked bold. How to do that is outlined in the Naming tutorial.


No , the font only contains regular weight .

Then there’s nothing you can do from within the font. That is just how this app behaves with this printer.

but why the fake bold was printed correctly with TTF font format ?
and it does not with OTF?

Because Office doesn’t support otf as well as ttf.