Faulty GlyphsSDK documentation: inspector views using vanilla

Hello, I am trying to build an inspector view using vanilla, but the documentation in GlyphsSDK is wrong, it’s a copy-paste from general context menus. How do I correctly build an inspector view using vanilla? Thanks!

Can you point me to the text in question?

At the bottom, last section.

Right. Actually not in the text, but the code example to be specific, where it sets the view to the generalContext menu

self.generalContextMenus = [
			{"view": self.sliderMenuView.group.getNSView()}

Also the Interface Builder section does not show how to actually get it shown. The example just shows how the access the UI bits in Python.

Perhaps add the required code to the doc that shows how to return the view to the inspector views. (Maybe also a hint for the Objective-C implementation.)

I messed around with the sample code. Hope it is an improvement.

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Thanks a ton!